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I am an artist, writer and composer from Fridley, Minnesota.

My bipolar condition is often prone to set me with procrastination and incomplete studies. In my art, I leave white space to create an illustration of my ability to end a visual piece abruptly. I write and draw every day to support my mental health. I am particularly drawn to sacred subjects, but I also draw for fun. For example, I have drawn caricatures of people as their favorite vegetable.

My first publication was a cartoon in 1987. Since then I have exhibited at Outsiders and Others (2005), Writers as Artists (2006), Interact Art Studio (2007-2012), Art Ability (2007-2010, 2012), and Courage Kenny's Art of Possibilities (2017, 2022).

I am member of the Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community (WACAC) and exhibit at various venues in the Twin Cities metropolitan area. See a list of current and previous shows.

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